James Webb collection

  • Black and blue pictogram of two people having a conversation.

    Conversation starter

    SpaceFib clothing will connect you with the right group of people!

  • Blue t-shirt and black pants pictogram representing casual wear.

    Casual wear

    Made for everyday life. Comfortable and durable at the same time.

  • Pictogram of a human with his interests around him.

    Show your interests

    Share your knowledge in suitable way for school or work!

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We wanted to wear ideas

From a desire for more meaningful clothing to the creation of a brand that embodies our passions, we wanted to tell a story using designs reflecting our love for tech, science, and various hobbies. Now, our brand invites you to embrace unique designs that go beyond fashion, sparking conversations and connections.

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  • "Some people have no clue what the design on my hoodie means. The rest that knows absolutely loves it!"

    - William M. Barbee

  • "Spacefib totally represents my opinions and values. Love this brand."

    - Susan Neff

  • "I’m a proffesor at our local community college and brought SpaceFib T-shirt to IT class today. Never got so many compliments in my life!"

    - Robert B. Weaver PhD