About us

What is SpaceFib?

SpaceFib is a young company that aims to fill the gap in niche specific designs, that wouldn't be available to purchase anywhere else.

We usually create designs through combining of different elements to give birth to new, awesome visuals that create our unique, SpaceFib soul.

Everything is printed after customer place an order. This allows for zero waste because of overstocked products. On the other hand, it takes little a bit longer before the products are shipped, but we still think this is the right choice.

Our products are not shallow. They encrypt some kind of information. Information that can be understood only by small group of people. Kind of inside joke, that can connect the right people together. People with same interests, opinions and mostly: Values.

We value progress and innovation. Getting better everyday. Looking for ways to improve. That's the message we are trying to send across.

It's understandable, that we chose cryptocurrency and space technology as common themes of our designs.

Our vision is to connect people through apparel, which sounds kinda funny, but imagine this scenario. You buy a tee and it goes unnoticed by many people, but you meet a guy which goes: "Maaan, that's awesome tee I didn't know you were into crypto" right as he sees you. Confrontations like this can lead to hours of conversations, new, deep friendships and new ideas being born.

Everything started as an idea and if ideas are acted upon, great things start to happen. This may be naive, but we will do everything neccesary to acomplish our goals.